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Company Profile

Company Profile

About FER Group

Under the flag of FER Group, there are two agencies, namely Fair Euro Realty Pte Ltd and FER Properties Pte Ltd.
Started in 1997, Fair Euro Realty Pte Ltd and FER Properties Pte Ltd are two active real estate agencies based in Singapore. We started out with less than 10 salespersons. Today, we have grown by more than 6 times to 60 certified salespersons registered with the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA).

We are knowledgeable with the leadership of a dedicated and vibrant management team. We are geared to provide a friendly, efficient and reliable service to our clients and prospects. We serve our clients with accurate and on-line information pertinent to their needs.

We undertake to fulfil and carry out our utmost to upkeep the professionalism of our salespersons: 
  1. Attentive to our clients and understanding their needs
  2. Responsible towards our clients and the public
  3. Withhold the professionalism of the real estate industry; and 
  4. Abide to the code of conduct and ethics of CEA. 

Our Services 
Buy, Sell, Rent, Assign and Manage 

The range of services we provide: 
  • Sales and lease of private residential properties 
  • Sales and lease of HDB residential properties 
  • Sales, lease and assign of commercial and industrial properties 
  • Corporate leasing
  • Property Management